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A Little Freaky

A timeless classic transformed into a modern day hot rod,  sums up the flame orange Freak. Whilst shorter in stature and leaner on the scales, this unpredictable muscle machine can play with the big trucks with its own unique flair and style.

Freak had a second chance, originally created as a full size truck; but transformed into the hot rod it is today when its designer saw an opportunity to create something special. Smaller in every dimension but all the muscle of a full sized truck…Watch out when this Monster Hot Rod enters the arena!


BODY: 46 Willy’s Coupe

CHASSIS:  Custom built and modified

ENGINE: Big Block Chevy


DRIVETRAIN: Powerglide Automatic

TYRES: 66inch weight-reduced, purpose cut and grooved

WEIGHT: 4 Tonne

TOP SPEED: 115 km/h

VALUE: $285,000


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