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Care For A Ride?

The only one of its kind in Australia, Extreme epitomises the term Monster Truck. Built in Australia on a chassis designed in the US, this truck has the ability to take unsuspecting passengers of a ride they won’t soon forget. Built on with Ford F-150, its proven robust and rugged able to stand the test of time. A white body and unmistakable blue lightning livery bring this truck alive.

BUILT: In Australia, 2010

CHASSIS: 3 Seater EPI Chassis assembled By KCM

ENGINE: Supercharged, fuel injected Big Block


DRIVETRAIN:  Powerglide 2-speed Automatic

SHOCKS: 26 inch

BODY: F-250 Crew Cab Style Side

TYRES: 66inch weight-reduced, purpose cut and grooved

WEIGHT: 4.5 Tonne

TOP SPEED: 140 km/h

VALUE: $290,000